Coming 2022

03.12 Estonian History Museum- Great Guild Hall (Pikk 17, Tallinn)Music by Marianna Liik (premiere´), J. S. Bach, Estonian composers, free improvisations.


Past 2022

20.02.2022 18:00 Kadriorg Palace. Concert "Labyrinths of Stillness". Organized by MTÜ Loovüksus in cooperation with Estonian Art Museum.  Guest musician Theodor Sink (cello). Music by Kangro, Jalkanen (Finland), Jõeleht, Jürgens (premiere), Tulve, Kõrvits, Reis (Portugal).

13.03  17:00 Keila Music School. Music by Estonian composers and free improvisations.

16.03 17:00 Kuusalu School of Arts. Music by Estonian composers and free improvisations.

15.05 15:00 Kuopio Cathedral, Finland. Concert "Estonian landscapes"  The Nordic Historical Keyboard  Festival (opening concert) . Music by Kreek, Tally, Kangro, Tulve, Maltis, Jürgens, Reis (Portugal), free improvisations.

03.07. 19:00 Nissi Church. Concert "Beauty of Evening".  Festival of  Nissi Church. Music by: Maltis, Tally, Jürgens, Paulikas (Lithuania), Süda, Grigorjeva,  free improvisations.