Ene Nael

Ene Nael is a sought-after and renowned harpsichordist and harpsichord teacher. As an instrumentalist, she performs chamber and solo music ranging from early to contemporary compositions and often premieres new works. Ene Nael’s contribution has been fundamental to the development of the methodology for teaching harpsichord for beginners in Estonia. Since 2000, she has been arranging the National Summer Course of Historical Keyboard Instruments and Orchestral Music for youths.

Kristi Mühling

Kristi Mühling is one of the few performers of the Estonian chromatic kannel whose performances
encompass different music styles. She has commissioned and premiered numerous compositions for the kannel both as a soloist and chamber musician. Thanks to Kristi Mühling’s contribution, the position of the Estonian chromatic kannel in academic studies is now equal to that of other instruments. She is also a member of the contemporary music ensemble Resonabilis since its inception.

Liis Jürgens

Liis Jürgens is a versatile musician and artist – a harpist, composer, improviser and creator of experimental animations. As an instrumentalist she performs solo, chamber and orchestral music. As a composer, she has written music for vastly different lineups, ranging from a single instrument to a symphonic orchestra. She is an avid improviser and has established the solo project LizWirestring, combining harp sounds with electronics.